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Raised Garden Bed Kit: VIVOHOME


Are you looking for a raised garden bed with trellis? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place. This review is your ultimate solution to buying the perfect raised garden bed kit.

Gardening is an excellent way to relax and add colors to your yard. You can also use it for producing fresh food by growing veggies. However, starting a garden is arduous, especially if you cannot adjust your planting location to the plants you want to grow.

While it is possible to till the ground and create a garden, there are plenty of other alternatives such as a raised garden bed kit. In addition, unlike traditional gardening, building raised garden bed also gives you the same outcomes but with flexible positioning and less stress.

You can build raised garden beds that allow you to grow decorative and edible plants anywhere in your home. A raised garden bed kit is basically box-shaped that helps you grow plants just about anywhere.

Moreover, a raised garden bed with trellis also has better drainage. Since the soil is raised, the bed benefits from well-balanced drainage and moisture, making the soil less prone to compaction. In addition, moisture retention and drainage also keep your plants healthy and produce greater yields.

Since plenty of raised garden bed kits are available, it can be hard to pick the one that suits your needs. Additionally, you will also need to consider your personal design preferences, space limitations, and overall gardening goal.

That stated, I have decided to review the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis. This vertical garden is one of the best options for maximizing small spaces and fulfilling your long dream of growing vines at home.

So, let’s get started!


raised garden bed

Product Overview: VIVOHOME Pack of 2 Wood Planter Raised Garden Bed Kit with Trellis

VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis is a chic climbing planter made of 100% fir material. It offers adequate space for accommodating several plants, flowers, and vegetables. The wood planter featuring drainage holes lets you place your plants directly in the flower box or grow your favorite plants in pots.

In addition, this raised garden bed kit also features a built-in trellis to offer enough space for hanging baskets and climbing vine plants. The raised garden bed with trellis is treated with a high-temperature carbonization process, ensuring it stays moist-free and doesn’t fall apart.


Product Specs & Dimensions

Manufacturer VIVOHOME
Material Fir Wood
Color Options Dark brown
Dimensions (LxWxH) 25”x11”x48”
Weight 15.4 lbs
Mounting Type Free-Standing
Reviews 4.2
Style Pack of 2
Shape Rectangular
Price $95.82

About the Brand: VIVOHOME

VIVOHOME is a California-based, high-end brand founded in 2015. They offer professional products for sports, gardening, kitchen, and pets. With a focus on creating a more enjoyable shopping experience, the brand is committed to building a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to make your life convenient.

As one of the finest garden, sports, and kitchen manufacturers, VIVOHOME is known for creating products made of high-quality materials with cutting-edge, minimalist design and strict quality control.

Moreover, instead of sticking to outdated rules, VIVOHOME listens to the tunes of the era to come. The forward-thinking and openness help VIVOHOME not only to follow but introduce trends. In addition, as a trendsetter, the brand is also very cautious about environmental effects. They work efficiently to reduce their carbon footprint by providing eco-friendly products.

The main goal of VIVOHOME is to invest in research, allowing you to spend your hard-earned money on furniture that makes your life efficient and convenient so you can pursue your dreams.

About the Product:

VIVOHOME Pack of 2 Wood Planter Raised Garden Bed Kit

·         Rot-Resistant Fir Wood Free-Standing Trellis

The VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised garden bed kits features fir wood, one of the best options for planter boxes and raised garden bed kits. Fir wood is incredibly durable, and it can last up to 15 years with the proper care. Moreover, since the wood quality is outstanding, it can stand up better around nails and screws. Additionally, the fir wood trellis is also rot-resistant.

·         Hassle-Free Assembly

Unlike some other raised garden beds, the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis is incredibly easy to assemble. The wood planter also comes with a detailed instruction manual, making things even more straightforward.

So, you can build raised garden bed in just a few minutes. It comes with eight glazed screws that you use to attach wooden boards. What’s more, you can build raised garden bed by attaching its four decorative end caps for a more aesthetic look.

·         Detail-Oriented Design

One of the best things I liked about this raised garden bed kit is its detail-oriented design. For instance, it features drainage holes at the bottom, which makes it easy to place your plants directly in the holes or grow in pots.

In addition to its water drainage system, the unique design of this wood planter also ensures that your plants get proper ventilation. The distinctive trellis design also creates an excellent, stable environment for your vine plants.

·         Great Diversity of Plants

Another thing I like the most about the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis is its ability to grow different plants indoors and outdoors. The wood planter features a reinforced flower box with eight glazed screws, allowing you to use it anywhere in your home.

All thanks to its expansive flower box offering plenty of space, you will love growing different types of plants, flowers, and vegetables. Moreover, the drainage system is perfect as you can place your plant directly in the drainage holes without worrying about overwatering.

Furthermore, the drainage holes at the bottom keep the flower box balanced and ventilated. In addition to drainage holes, you can also use plant pots to grow a variety of plants to make your place green and lively.

·         Excellent Decoration

VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis adds an aesthetic appeal to any backyard. While using the wood planter for climbing vines, you can turn any corner of your home into a bright and lively space. Additionally, the smoother, neater look of the fir wood trellis looks aesthetically pleasing, bringing an artistic charm to your home.

Thanks to its distinctive design, you can use the wood planter anywhere in your home, such as on terraces, balconies, outdoor patios, corridors, etc.


While the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised beds with trellis offers plenty of benefits, there are a few drawbacks:

·         Small Size

Although the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised garden bed kits is an excellent choice for growing vines, the size of the product is small. It is a good option for small spaces, like balconies, corridors, and outdoor patios. However, if you have a significant or bigger place to grow plants, you should look for large size raised garden bed with a trellis.

·         Wood May Need Sealant

Since the VIVOHOME pack of 2 raised garden bed kit uses fir wood as its building material, it may need sealant for longevity. Without it, your wood planter might fall apart from the base after a few years of use. Additionally, it is not a good option for heavy hanging baskets as it would break the wood.

Furthermore, you will also need to protect it from direct sun, or the sealant will start melting, possibly staining the wood unpleasantly.

·         Expensive

The small, light, and easily moveable wood planter makes it an excellent option for small apartments. However, considering the size of the wood planter, the price is a bit too high. Moreover, I don’t recommend it for plants with root systems.


Final Verdict

Overall, the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised garden bed kit is an excellent option for small spaces. You can place the petite-sized wood planter anywhere in your home to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The fir wood is very soft, neat, and rot-resistant.

Moreover, assembling is also incredibly easy and comes with an instruction manual. It may take only a few minutes to assemble the wood planter. All in all, the VIVOHOME pack of 2 wood planter raised garden bed with trellis is a good purchase for making your place green and lively.



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