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The best solar pathway lights improve safety for path users by preventing tripping accidents and collisions. They provide a gentle glow in a downward direction to avoid beaming distracting glare. Technically, solar walkway lights illuminate guides where you can navigate during the darkness even without electricity. 

These sustainable lights offer a cost and effective solution since they don’t add up to your electric bill—off-grid, as to speak. Besides keeping you away from costly utility bills, you’ll also be able to avoid complicated setups, like digging up your yard for underground electric wiring. 


Installation purpose

It is also crucial to consider exactly why and where you want to install your lights before purchasing. Though the best solar pathway lights are quite useful, you have to have the main reason for buying. There are two main reasons why most people buy solar pathway lights—security and decoration. Yet, you can buy a single solar path light for catering to both purposes. There are a lot of solar pathway lights that can serve as security and decoration. This includes: 

  • Path Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Post Lights
  • Wall-Mounted Lights
  • String Lights



This points to the brightness or light output. According to Home Depot, the ideal lumen for path lighting is around 100-200 lumens. Decorative pathway lights can have fewer lumens and more for other outdoor purposes. For places not too close to your main house, choose brighter lights. Lights with higher lumen ratings will brightly light the area, even in a small number. To easily identify what lumens, suit your needs, convert lumens to watts. Here are some examples:

  • 5 lm = 0.8W
  • 15 lm = 0.25W
  • 30 lm = 0.50W
  • 50 lm = 0.80W


Color temperature

This describes the light temperature emitted by a certain light bulb. A balance between cool and warm light or 3,000K (Kelvin) is enough. LED is the best light bulb for solar path lights. LEDs are proven to optimize energy usage with less amount of heat dissipation. Meaning, most of the energy goes into the light rather than dispersing them into heat without return. This saves you money and allows you to enjoy the lighting for a longer time.


Charging time

Solar devices, such as solar pathway lights, charge via solar cells. These cells or panels are where sunlight is trapped and converted to electricity. Electricity is then stored in solar batteries and automatically runs at nighttime. Charging time would take about eight hours, typically from sunrise to sunset.


Solar battery runtime

Runtime is the amount of time a solar battery can last in use. This varies depending on the sunlight’s condition. Simply put, the more sunlight a solar device receives, the longer it’ll provide power at night.


Battery life

Since batteries are not forever, expect to change your solar pathway lights’ batteries after a year or so. Around this period, they can no longer perform a charge. Also, for this reason, select solar lights with batteries and bulbs that can be easily replaced. 



Make sure to pick solar pathway lights with durable and corrosion-resistant material. Look for products with an IP44 rating or higher. A higher Ingress Protection indicates that the product can stand various outdoor elements, as well as changing weather. ABS plastic and powder-coated metal are a few of the best picks.

The Best Solar Pathway Lights

To see if solar lights are worth a try, let’s examine over 10 solar walkway lights and decorative pathway lights perfect for garden beds. This includes some that emit super bright light, while others have a softer glow. Keep on reading to find out which lights on this list are suitable for your outdoor setting. 

1. Kousbar Solar Pathway Lights, Color Changing

Right off the bat, we have Kousbar solar pathway lights. Made from thickened, water-proof material, these solar lights can withstand prolonged exposure to changing weather. High-quality solar panels and batteries can store more sunlight, enabling them to give a longer, continuous glow than other solar garden lights. 

Kousbar solar pathway lights are uniquely designed. The high transmittance lampshade has 13 LED beads which cast vivid and colorful lights. Compared to ordinary, mono-colored garden lights, Kousbar’s solar walkway lights have binary lighting modes—color dynamic and warm white. Excellent for different outdoor occasions.

Convenient design, great for holiday decorations. Kousbar decorative pathway lights have an aesthetic black appearance and crystal-clear cover. Textures produce color-dynamic star-like patterns covering 360°. Its color-changing mode is perfect for making your house stand out amongst your neighborhood during holidays. 

Practicality is one reason why Kousbar solar patio lights are one of the best solar pathway lights. Fixtures include an external switch and some sets of hookups. Adjustable poles let you choose where to place them. So besides being pathway lights, Kousbar solar lights can also be mounted on outside walls and fences.

Dimensions: 4.72″L x 4.72″W x 16.4″H | Lumens: 80 | Charging Time: 10-12 | Operating Time: 8 hours | Material: ABS Plastic | IP67


  • Easy Installation
  • Multicolored
  • Adjustable


  • Lightweight

2. Kooper Solar Lily Flower Garden Lights

Next on our list are the towering solar garden lights with unique designs. Kooper solar lily flower garden light and the garden bed are a match made in heaven. These decorative pathway lights are designed to mimic lily flowers. Colors varying from white, pink, blue, and purple would create a romantic aura for your garden. 

Though they imitate delicate flowers, Kooper solar lily flower garden lights are tougher than they look. Processed from fine fabric materials, these decorative pathway lights can withstand harsh weather. Along with this are the leaves and stems made from high-end materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and ABS plastic.

Adjust the stems and leaves to style the flower with the pose you love. Night sensors will enable the garden lights to light up at dusk. Large solar panels allow high and efficient photoelectric conversion but make sure to turn the switch ON before using, otherwise, it won’t be charged. Also, remove the transparent protective film on the panel, to receive more sunlight.

Buy them for someone as a gift or use them to enhance your garden beds, patios, and doorways. 

Dimensions: 0.35″L x 0.35″W x 29.5″H | Lumens: 8 | Operating Time: 8-10 hours | Material: ‎Aluminum, Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic | IP65


  • Great for decorations
  • Perfect as gift
  • Easy to install


  • Battery lifespan is short

    3. Aulanto Solar Pathway Lights,

    6 pack

    Auto solar pathway lights radiate warm white as well as gradient flashing RGB lighting. But contrary to most color-changing lights, Aulanto solar pathway lights are equipped with color-locking features. You will have 8 colors to choose from and select one color to lock. This is great for people who don’t like flashing or color-changing lights. Color-locking will also help those with vision problems to see where and what they are stepping into clearly. When lit up, it can reflect a unique petal lighting effect that will add beauty to your yard.

    Once assembled, stake the sturdy rods into soft soil—no extra tools are required. But before assembling, remember to turn each light on. Find a spot where the lights could easily access direct sunlight. This will make the charging time quicker. However, you need to install them somewhere where there are no obstructions or where they won’t become a stumbling block.

    Bad weather? No worries. Aulanto decorative pathway lights have protective aluminum alloy shells for combating extreme outdoor conditions. Regarding its parts—the transparent glass, metal poles, and the head cover—all are proven to not be easy break even when exposed to different temperatures.

    Dimensions: 7.17″L x 9.69″W x 14.25″H | Lumens: 40 | Color Temperature: 3000K | Charging Time: 6 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 5-8 hours | Material: ‎Aluminum, Glass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | IP65


        • Great Quality
        • Unique lighting effects
        • Easy to assemble
        • Heavy duty


        • A bit pricey


    4. Umickoo Bright Solar Pathway Lights, decorative

    With a height of 18.5 inches, Umickoo sets of bright solar pathway lights will impact your patios to a new level. They provide better light and higher brightness to secure a safe traverse of steps and ample navigation at night. A sunset-to-sunrise sensor automatically turns the light on and off. 

    Built from rugged ABS plastic, Umickoo Bright Solar Pathway Lights are proven and tested to endure rain, snow, frost, or sleet. The hexagonal lattice glass of the lampshade projects exquisite light effects. Overall, the Umickoo Bright Solar Pathway Lights are impressive. They will surely add decorative charm to any outdoor landscape—from courtyards to sidewalks, and even driveways. An important thing to note: Possible confusion in operating settings. E.g., the “On” indicates warm white light, while the “Fade” switch is the command for multicolored lights.

    Dimensions: 4.9″L x 4.9″W x 18.5″H | Lumens: 25 | Color Temperature 6500K | Charging Time: 6 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 8-10 hours | Material: ‎Aluminum, Glass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | IP65


    • Longer operating hours
    • Unique lighting patterns
    • Quick to install


    • Shorter battery lifespan

    5. Nupostai Solar Pathway Lights,

    8 pack

    When Nupostai solar walkway lights are powered, each high-power LED lamp bead illuminates a bright, colorful sunflower pattern. This attractive pattern will not only enhance your ordinary walkway but will also assist visitors at night. Add great value to your yard and enjoy the light show every night. 

    Nupostai Solar Pathway Lights have adjustable heights enabling them to be taller—at almost two feet tall—than conventional pathway lights. No drastic maintenance is needed. Just wipe the lights with a damp rag to make them look good and new again. The convenient switch along with the crystal-clear glass shade heads meets your different lighting and decoration needs. 

    With an ingress progression of 67+, these solar driveway lights can keep lighting up even with weeks of strong wind, rain, and snow. One of the brightest solar pathway lights on this list, having 80 Lumens, as well as the longest operating time of up to 13 hours. Installing them allows you to enjoy more time outdoors. Perfect supplementary accessories for your landscaping design. 

    Dimensions: 4.9″L x 4.9″W x 16.43″H | Lumens: 80 | Charging Time: 4 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 9-13 hours | Material: Glass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | IP67


    • Quick charging hours
    • Higher IP
    • Longer operating time
    • Brighter lumens


    • Expensive in sets

      6. Vosaro Solar Flower Lights,

      3 pack

      If you are looking for budget-friendly, durable, and unique solar pathway lights, then Vosaro Solar Flower Lights are for you. Standing at over two feet, these jellyfish-style solar lights are in a league of their own. They may look thin and fragile, but trust me, these things are sturdy. They are made from high-quality, durable plastic that can withstand changing elements. Built-in sensitive light sensors permit the lights to light at night and turn off during the day automatically. Since each light has its own solar panel, there’s no need to install wire connections. That being said, make sure to select a location where they can absorb full sunlight. 

      These decorative pathway lights also feature RGB 7 color-changing lights. Vosaro Solar Flower Lights emit neon, bright light that stimulates a strong festive atmosphere. They are great decorations for making your outdoor space inviting, especially during the night. However, if you’re planning to light your whole backyard, this set may not be the best choice, as they are dimmer compared to other solar lights on this list.


      Dimensions: 15″L x 15″W x 25.6″H | Lumens: 80 | Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours | Operating Time: 8-12 hours | Material: Optical Fiber, Aluminum tube | IP65 


          • Tall and sturdy
          • Budget-friendly
          • Longer operating time


          • A bit dimmer than others

      7. Flickering Flame Solar Pathway Lights

      For adjustable budgets, consider huge solar walkway lights. Towering at a whopping 8 feet tall (Heights can be adjusted to 23″, 39″, and 55″ depending on preferences) are the Flickering Flame Solar Pathway Lights. These are the giants among solar pathway lights, with torch flame-mimicking lights. The flickering lights look exactly similar to flames burned in oil or kerosene—minus the smoke and fumes. These are safe alternatives to torches and are suitable for different special occasions, such as parties, festivals, and weddings. Though they can also be set as home garden decorations. 

      100% Heavy-duty stainless-steel stands won’t faze even under strong wind, rain, and snow. The metal design also enhances the stability of the structure, unlike other Flickering Flame Torch Lights that are made from plastic. Not to mention the battery longevity with 5-8 years of super long use time. 

      Installation would only take up to two minutes and can be easily completed, even by children. The simple assembling method includes directly inserting the lamp head and tube. On the first use, remember to press the white switch under the lamp cover. Note, these lights are top-heavy, so ensure that they are firmly posted on the ground to avoid toppling in the storm.


      Dimensions: 8″L x 8″W x 55″H | Lumens: 35 | Charging Time: 4 to 6 hours | Operating Time: 8 hours | Material: ‎Metal, Stainless Steel |


      • Tall and sturdy
      • Longer battery lifespan


      • People who are sensitive to flickering may not like it

        8. XMCOSY+ Solar Pathway Lights –

        4 Pack

        XMCOSY+ Solar Pathway Lights offers a decent number of features despite being young compared with elite brands. This is a set of 4 solar lights with a classic vintage design. The 2.4 * 2.4 inches solar panels covered with monocrystalline silicon increase solar energy absorption and utilization. While the long strip of LED filament lighting with polyhedral transparent glass covers a 360° radial illumination. Additionally, XMCOSY+ Solar Pathway Lights offer a long battery life of up to 10 hours. 

        In spite of being feature-rich and handy, you might find getting only 4 of these in a single pack an issue. Thankfully, XMCOSY+ LED lights offer a high brightness rating of 40 lumens to compensate. 


        Dimensions: 5.5″L x 5.5″W x 19.5″H | Lumens: 40 | Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin | Charging Time: 4 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 6-10 hours | Material:Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, Copper


                • Wider light range
                • Longer battery lifespan
                • Easy to assemble


                • Longer charging time

        9. Kaxiida Solar Garden Pathway Lights

        Landscape spotlights! Yes, you heard it right. Kaxiida Solar Garden Pathway Lights are dual-purpose lights. Depending on your desired location, these solar lights’ two-in-one functions allow them to be wall-mounted or floor-fixed. This is great for lighting up your patio, fence, outside walls, and front doors.

        Having numerous—56 overall plus 200 lumens—LED lights, these solar lights will brighten your backyard from all angles. Added to this are the 3 lighting modes, dim, bright, and highlight mode. They can be used for 14 hours, 10 hours, and 8 hours at full charge. The 90 degrees rotating solar light heads make them easier to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

        Dimensions: 5.12″L x 5.31″W x 12.2″H | Lumens: 200 | Color Temperature 6000 Kelvin | Charging Time: 4 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 12 hours | Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


        • Brighter light
        • Quick charge
        • Easy to install


        • Not waterproof enough


          10. Faishilan Purple Solar Torch Lights

          Next, we have another solar torch light from FAISHILAN, an in-demand brand in the market that is well-known to offer budget-friendly products. Faishilan Purple Solar Torch Lights is a great deal since you’ll be getting a total of 12 solar tiki torch lights in this set. Looking at the design, each of the lights is made from durable ABS material. Thanks to the 96 LED lights, these solar walkway lights glow brighter than most tiki torch lights. Moreover, the purple glow resembles the essence of a ritual setting. 

          Using all the extensions, the max length of this solar tiki light can reach over three feet. If you want a much lower height, just reduce the length of the extensions. They may not be as tall as the towering Flickering Flame Solar Pathway Lights, but you still don’t have to worry about the installation process. Another interesting feature of these lights is the one-of-a-kind fittings that come with them. In terms of battery life, each of the solar tiki torch lights has a 2200mAh built-in battery that can power for about 10 hours.


          Dimensions: 8″L x 4″W x 12″H | Lumens: 40 | Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin | Charging Time: 4 to 8 hours | Operating Time: 10 hours | Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | IP65


                      • Sturdy
                      • Solid color
                      • Quick to install


                      • Shorter battery life


          11. Rayolon Solar Ground Lights

          For minimalists who avoid flashy and dashing solar pathway lights, meet the Rayolon Solar Ground Lights. Rayolon Solar Ground Lights are low-profiled but modernly designed solar walkway lights for your front doors, driveway, and pool deck. But despite their minimalist style, they’re waterproof and can keep on operating even under harsh weather. 

          But having a minimalist style has a particular disadvantage. The small size makes them hard to see and are prone to stepping. Moreover, dirt and debris can easily cover the lights. To prevent the solar panels from having charging problems, occasionally clean them. And when installing, dig a shallow hole for the stake to prevent cracks. Also, be sure to allow a three-day charging before installing them so that they can reach their maximum output. 


          Dimensions: ‎‎4.72″L x 4.92″W x 5.2″H | Charging Time: 8 hours | Operating Time: 6 to 10 hours | Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | IP65


          • Minimalist
          • Waterproof
          • No complex installation


          • Fragile


          Tips for buying, using, and maintaining Solar Pathway Lights:



          • First and foremost. Before buying, check the return warranty policies, customer service ratings, reviews, and other additional product provider credentials.
          •  Understand the lumens count and their range before purchasing.
          • Charge batteries for at least three days before completely using them.
          • Take off the plastic screen protecting solar panels.
          • Gently press the lights into the ground to avoid breaking fragile materials. Softening the soil where you want to put your solar lights might help speed up the installation.
          • Adjust placements of solar lights to enable them to have quick access to sunlight and operate longer at night.
          • During winter, it is best to store your solar pathway lights for the meantime. This can make the solar lights’ lifespan longer.
          • Limit the brightness of your solar lights to enhance consistency and performance.
          • Replace batteries when needed.
          • Remove or prune nearby shrubs, trees, and anything that can block sunlight.
          • Occasionally, clean the glass and other fixtures.
          • Individually check lights for corrosion and damage.



          Related Questions


          Where is the best place to install solar walkway lights?

          In general, the best places to install solar lights would be along pathways, walkways, front yards, and anywhere where people usually walk and hang out during nighttime. For decorative purposes, place lights on your garden bed, near your doorstep, or even on your pool deck.


          What is the average lifespan of solar pathway lights?

          Solar lights can last up to 2 years. A High-quality LED light bulb’s light span is around 25 to 30 years. 


          What are the main reasons behind solar lights that are not working properly?

          The following are the major reasons for common solar walkway light problems.

          1. A crucial fixture for lighting the bulb got removed or has been damaged.
          2. Parts and accessories are not properly installed.
          3. Solar pathway light did not receive enough solar light to fully operate.



          Solar walkway lights are a must-have if you want to spend a longer time in your backyard at night. Ensure that you install them in places where you mostly walk around or where your visitors are idle. Whether you go for the complex looking, bright and colorful, or minimalist, simply choose any of the best solar path lights mentioned in this article to supply your needs