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Best Potted Trees Are Great For Homes


Best potted trees add color and life to homes. We can say that they provide properties with natural beauty. They come in various shapes and sizes plus are often easy to look after. So it is typical for houses with foliage to have indoor potted trees and the like. Still, they last long and add appeal to different spaces. Some need to be on the ground after some time. Others can stay in containers for their entire lives. But, if you love the look of trees, they are worth the effort to have on your property.


Plants like trees offer decorative touches and more. With their presentation, they are conducive to relaxation. They also help purify the air indoors and outdoors. Aside from their aesthetic value, these small trees for pots offer health benefits. Thus they make excellent additions to residences.


If you’re planning to add one or a few, here are some options and tips to think about.


plants on garden shop best potted trees

Choose The Best Potted Trees

For your home’s greenery, it is important to find the right indoor potted trees or those for patio design. It’s because not all vegetation thrives in the same way. Some do well in warm conditions while others grow in cold places. Still, there’s watering, cultivation, soil fertilization, sun exposure, and pruning to consider. So, before anything else, it would be wise to check out the small trees for pots to hold.


Below are a few examples of some of the best trees to grow in pots.




This can become big when left to grow to its full potential. It can become 4 to 15 feet high and 4 to 8 feet weed. Best potted trees can come from them with the right treatment. After all, they are ornamental shrubs that by pruning make small trees for pots in patios. These topiary foliage produce creamy-white flowers with a sweet, pungent smell. So there are plenty of these in different places throughout the year.

bonsai privet

They need medium watering and low after they’ve settled in a place. It’s possible to grow them in areas with long, warm summers and enough snow during winter. It’s hardy from zones 4 to 7 and needs full sunlight or partial shade. Yet, although this plant is great for home design, there are a few things to consider when they are around. They are invasive and some of their parts are toxic to pets. So they need regular pruning and to be in places where animal companions can’t access them.


Bay Trees


This is an evergreen shrub with smooth and greyish bark. Growing from it are aromatic leaves often used for kitchen seasoning or cooking. Such leaves even provide vitamin C, A, and B6 for a better immune system. The potted version can thrive in a big container with direct sunlight and limited shade. Often, people buy many of them to have indoor potted trees. They can reach 40 to 50 feet tall but it’s easy to trim their branches to keep them small. Plus, as mentioned, their leaves provide culinary benefits. Best potted trees like them are ideal to have in the yard or indoors. People buy them for about $19.99 per 3-feet pot. Thus many folks invest to have plenty of them around.

greenery for planter

Also, it needs moderate watering only and flourishes in warm and cold temperatures. To be specific, it is perennial in tropical areas. Yet it can withstand about 20 Fahrenheit or negative 7 Celcius of cold. These potted trees are hardy from zones 8 through 10. Thus they need extra cater when winter comes.


Japanese Maple Tree


Best potted trees surface from the maple tree varieties. From its diverse foliage comes white, purple, red, pink, orange, and green hues. Plus, its leaves fall off every season. You can grow it with a single stem in containers or as a shrub with many stems to reach 15 to 25 feet tall. So it’s an interesting and decorative tree to take care of.

best potted trees

It’s the type of tree that you can put in pots but move from time to time. In warmer areas, it needs cooler spaces. In colder locations, it could thrive in spots with adequate sunlight. It will grow where there is about 26 degrees Celcius or 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Hardy from zone 7 to 8, it does well in places with fair heat. So it wouldn’t be great to have them in dry climates where their leaves can’t tolerate the warmth.


A Mikawa Yatsubusa Japanese variety that is 1 to 2 feet high costs about $90. Based on this, some mention that potted maple trees are pricey. But with their aesthetic contributions to homes, many buy them and say they are the best trees to grow in pots. Plus, they are small and are slow to grow. Thus they are ideal for home design and clean living.


Fig Tree


This is an attractive plant that grows from 3 to 39 feet. Yet with regular cutting, it’s possible to look after it in a 15 to 20-gallon container. It has to be in a big pot or something like that to accommodate its plentiful roots. With it, there’s room for better top growth and thus chances to display its topiary features. It has glossy and deep green leaves that fall off during season changes. Also, it produces fruits a few years after planting it. Best potted trees for patios and even indoor spaces can originate from it. So many homeowners find interest in owning a few pots.

fig indoor foliage

Depending on the kind and size of the fig tree, buying one may cost you $20 to $45. They need general-purpose fertilizer and water supply at regular intervals. Plus, these porch or indoor potted trees need adequate sunlight to grow well. But this doesn’t mean that potted versions can grow the same amount of fruits as trees do. They are small in containers and can only produce a few for personal consumption. As for how they thrive, they are hardy in zone 7 to zone 9 areas. In this way, they have a constant need for water and warmth. Still, they make excellent decorative plants with their leaves, fruits, and adaptability.


Citrus Plants


Examples of these are lemon, lime, and oranges. When left to have full growth, they can reach 18 to 22 feet high. But don’t always expect this as some are shorter. Best potted trees for indoor and outdoor use come from them since they look good and also bear fruit. They have sturdy trunks and evergreen leaves. Their lateral branches provide healthy food. Yet the fruits that also supply vitamins and antioxidants cannot withstand intense cold. So they need to be where they are hardy or in zones 9 to 11 to thrive.

citrus in container

Have consistent soil moisture for better fruit and general plant growth. Bring the small trees for pots inside during the winter season to keep them alive and warm. Also, they need to keep having organic fertilizer about twice a month. That would be since they consume more nitrogen for growth. Still, even if they need plenty of care, they have vibrant colors which are perfect for home design. Plus, they are available at varying prices based on the sizes and maturity of the plants.


Tips In Caring For The Best Potted Trees


In selecting, think about what you want your home to look like. See the areas to put plants for beautification and healthy living. Yet take into account your property’s environmental conditions too. If possible, choose those that can grow due to or despite the weather patterns on your property. Also, try to pick dwarf varieties. This would be for the convenience of having greenery that pots can accommodate. Thus, in saying these, it is important to be practical when choosing small trees for pots.


Have a regular watering schedule since potted plants dry up often. Regular fertilization is necessary for the best trees to grow in pots too. You need to rotate each of them and do some repotting for stressed plants too. This is all for them to have enough and better nutrients while staying comfortable. After all, your patio or indoor potted trees would only grow and look good with the right setup. As a saying goes, “You have to nourish to flourish.”


In Conclusion


Best potted trees are not that difficult to find. But which of them are worth growing? Either of the ones mentioned and that people take care of is the answer. Privet, bay, maple, fig, and citrus trees can grow in containers. They also have excellent ornamental features for home decorations. But you must make sure that they have enough water, fertilizer, sunlight, and pruning. After all, they are like pets that need to stay healthy and happy. So, if you’re willing to put in the work, you have plenty of choices when it comes to small trees for pots.


Have you ever planted a tree in a pot? If so, share your experiences with us. When you get right down to it, when we study about these we also grow as persons.


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