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DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner Review


Enjoy your pool time in crystal clear water with the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner!

Whether you are splashing around with your family or enjoying your poolside cocktails with your friends, having a backyard above-ground pool is an excellent pick to spend quality time. However, keeping your pool sparkling clean, safe, and free of debris can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a specialized above-ground pool cleaner.

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

Luckily, many robotic above-ground pool vacuums are available that can help you with regular pool maintenance.

While these above-ground pool cleaners can be pricier, they are easy to use and one of the most effective options to keep your pool clean. Additionally, since they are robots, above-ground pool cleaners use software to determine when and how to clean your pool.

In an attempt to help you determine which above-ground pool vacuums are the best, I spend some time researching a variety of options, their features, weight, and cable length. Keeping these crucial factors in mind, I picked the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner as one of the most suitable for various reasons.

The DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is incredibly lightweight and has top-tier traction and suction power. Moreover, this above-ground pool cleaner also works well on a variety of pool surfaces. It also comes with a variety of top-notch tech features, making this robotic cleaner an excellent pick for most pools.

Below, I will discuss what makes the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner a great purchase and its drawbacks that can limit its effectiveness for some pools.



So, let’s get started!

Overview: DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

The DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is an excellent above-ground pool cleaner for pools up to 30 feet. It is designed to make your pool cleaning routine easy and more effortless. Additionally, the body is compact, and the cleaner is armed with many intelligent features, including three scrubbing brushes.

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

Moreover, the DOLPHIN pool cleaner is also equipped with an automatic scheduler, allowing you to set how long you want to keep your cleaner running before turning it off automatically. Here are the specs of the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner:


DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner Specs and Dimensions

Size E10
Style Above Ground
Weight 13.8 lbs
Dimensions 22” x 17.5” x 13”
Cleaning Coverage Floor Only
Cleaning Cycle Time 1.5 Hours
Cable Length 40 Feet
Suction Power 4,000 GPH
Ideal Pool Length 30 Feet
Ease of Use 4.7
Suction Power 4.6
Ease of Cleaning 4.7
Value for Money 4.5


Features of DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner


·         Pool Scanning System


Unlike other above-ground pool vacuums on the market that you can use to clean your pool on a random pattern, the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner works smartly. It is equipped with a pool scanning system (CleverClean) that you can see in other premium DOLPHIN models.

Instead of cleaning your pool on a random pattern straightaway, the CleverClean software lets your robotic cleaner analyze and scan the pool. It calculates the most effective cleaning pattern to ensure you have a debris-free pool with crystal clear water.

Moreover, the system helps your cleaner clean efficiently and faster and ensures it doesn’t miss any spots. In addition, the system also allows your pool cleaner to work efficiently in different sizes and shapes of pools.


·         40-Foot Anti-Tangling Swivel Cord


Like any other Maytronics robotic pool cleaner, the DOLPHIN E10 is armed with a patented anti-tangling swivel cord. This allows your cleaner to turn freely and eliminates the risk of wrecking the cord wires.

Additionally, a tangle-free swivel cord is also an excellent addition to any pool cleaner since they need to move around without any restraint for cleaning purposes. However, I saw a lot of customers complaining about the cord length. It is only 40 feet long, which is a good option for small above-ground pools.

Also, remember that if you have an above-ground pool larger than 40-foot, you should look for other models with a longer cord.


·         Easy to Start


Another factor of the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner that attracts many above-ground pool owners is its simplicity and ease of use. The control module features only a single on/off button that sends the pool cleaner on its way.

However, like other premium DOLPHIN models, there is nothing else. You won’t see any cleaning scheduler, timer function, filter indicators, etc. The lack of these features can be a plus if you are looking for affordable and easy-to-use above-ground pool cleaners.


·         PowerSteam Turning


Many high-end robotic pool cleaners rely on independently moving wheels or tracks for easy rotation. However, this is not the case with the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner. Instead, it features a PowerSteam Turning system that helps shoot the bottom jets beneath the cleaner, lifting the front portion and guiding your cleaner where it needs to go.

While it is significantly slower than pool cleaners with wheels or moving tracks, the DOLPHIN E10’s PowerSteam Turning system can still get the job done effectively.


·         Easy-to-Maintain Top-Loaded Filter


Another excellent addition to the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is its top-loaded filter. Many pool cleaners require you to manually clean the filters after the cleaning is done. However, with this above-ground pool vacuum, you only need to take it out from the water and remove the filter at the top of the robot to dump the contents into a composter.

Moreover, the filter is easily accessible, and you can spray it with a hose to remove any remaining particles. Once you have cleaned the filter, just put it back.

Additionally, keep in mind that, unlike other pool cleaners that can clean both coarse and fine particles with a single filter, the E10 filter is only for coarse particles. So, you will need to buy the fine filter separately.


·         Excellent Water Drain


One of the best things about the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is its excellent water drain system. Many so-called lightweight above-ground pool cleaners can become waterlogged, and lifting them out of water

can be a real challenge.

However, this above-ground pool vacuum can instantly remove the water from all the nooks and crannies due to excellent and quick water drainage. The feature is especially useful for senior pool owners who cannot lift heavyweight cleaners out of the water after cleaning the pool.


·         High Traction Tracks


So, what’s the difference between wheels and tracks pool cleaners? Well, one of the significant differences is the grip that they provide. The DOLPHIN E10’s tracks are excellent for providing a grip on the base of your pool. In addition, they also prevent your cleaner from losing its footing when cleaning the pool.

Moreover, even when you turn on the PowerSteam Turning, rear-end of its tracks will constantly be on the ground, which prevents your cleaner from jetting off the track.


·         Single Active Brushroll


The DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is armed with a single active brush roll that spins twice as quickly as the cleaner moves to remove debris, algae, and dirt from the pool surface. In addition to its quick movement, the brush roll and suction delivery are also excellent and designed so that it is impossible to skip even the tiniest spots.


About the Brand: Maytronics DOLPHIN


Maytronics, the inventor of DOLPHIN pool cleaners, specializes in groundbreaking technologies and solutions for pool maintenance. The brand is a global leader in providing top-tier swimming pool products, focusing on offering its customers a remarkable pool water experience. It was established in 1983, having subsidiaries operating in countries like the US, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, and more.

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

Moreover, the brand collaborates with various distributors in more than fifty countries while providing excellent support to its customers. In addition to designing robotic pool cleaners, the brand also offers a wide range of other products, such as pool treatment and pool safety products.

Furthermore, the DOLPHIN robotic pool cleaners have set new standards for innovation, design, reliability, and technology. These above-ground pool vacuums are armed with sensors, sophisticated navigation software, and algorithms, allowing these pool cleaners to navigate efficiently and effectively around the pool.

Their products are innovative and equipped with advanced technologies, making pool cleaning simple, efficient, and hassle-free so the above-ground pool owners can enjoy a clean and safe pool.


The Good and the Bad


Now that we have discussed all the features that the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner offers, it’s time to take a look at what’s good and bad about the product before making a purchase.

The Good

·         Outstanding Cleaning Power

Despite its lightweight design, the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner does a remarkable job cleaning large debris particles. I personally tested the product in pools with plenty of large leaves on the pool surface.

I assumed that it wouldn’t be able to catch those large pieces, but after its cleaning cycle, the swimming pool was spotless. In addition to its powerful cleaning, the fine piece of art also has three scrubbing brushes, and the high-capacity filtration system can easily pick the large particles.

·         Energy-Efficient

Compared to many other robotic pool cleaners, such as suction or pressure cleaners, this above-ground pool cleaner boasts significantly better energy use. The cleaner has a low wattage, meaning you can efficiently run it on 110V and                220V. Additionally, after you are done cleaning, E10 will shut off automatically to help you reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

·         Dual Filtration System

You should know that your pool could have more than just dirt. For this, the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is armed with a dual filtration system to prevent unwanted particles from sneaking into your swimming pool pump for safety reasons.

·         Stronger Grip

Since it has tracks and not wheels, the above-ground pool cleaner offers a firm grip on different pool surfaces. Moreover, these tracks also help your cleaner to move freely and not get stuck on pool drains. Not only is it great for less energy consumption, but it also ensures that you have a spotless pool.

·         Instant Water Release

Another nice thing about the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is its instant water release system. You don’t need muscles to lift it out of the water after cleaning. As soon as you lift it out of your pool, it will release the water quickly while keeping the debris and other particles inside.

The Bad


·         It Cannot Pick Fine Debris

While the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is excellent for picking up leaves, small rocks, and large particles of debris, it lacks the ability to pick up fine debris. That’s because the cleaner doesn’t have a fine filter. In order to make your pool water crystal clear, you will need to have an ultra-fine filter which you have to buy separately.

·         Poor Quality Swivel Cable

Unlike other premium DOLPHIN pool cleaners with anti-tangling cords, the E10’s 40-foot-long swivel cable can get tangled occasionally. Moreover, the cable is also a bit short for pools larger than 40 feet.

·         It Lacks Smart Features

Premium DOLPHIN above-ground pool vacuums are known for intelligent tech features. However, E10 doesn’t have many bells and whistles. So, if you have a large pool, you should look for other pool cleaners with intelligent tech features. However, if you have a small pool and are just getting started with robotic pool cleaners, the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner can be an affordable and reasonable purchase.

·         Inability to Climb

While the DOLPHIN E10above-ground pool cleaner has jet boosters and sticky tracks, it still lacks the ability to climb. Additionally, it can clean only the surface of your pool, and the walls, steps, and waterline will need manual cleaning. That’s because the E10 is designed explicitly for above-ground pools.


DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner at a Glance

Filter Type Top-loading basket
Style Above-ground pools
Mobility Tracks
Swivel Cable No
Weekly Scheduler No
Pool Cleaning Surface only
Programmable Cycles No
Remote Control No
Pool Scanning Yes

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner

Final Verdict: DOLPHIN E10 Pool Cleaner


So, is DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner worth the purchase? Well, as with any other above-ground robotic pool cleaners, it also lacks the bells and whistles generally found in premium DOLPHIN robotic pool cleaners. However, many other above-ground pool cleaners don’t even have scrubbing brushes and rely on onboard vacuums to clean debris. For the price point, we think the Dolphin E10 is a good solid performer to add to your pool cleaning supplies.

The E10 is one of the latest above-ground pool cleaner models. It incorporates features you usually see in in-ground cleaners, such as vigorous brushing, pool scanning, top-loading filters, etc. So, if you have a small pool and are just getting started with a robotic pool cleaner, you should look at the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner. It is affordable, easy to maintain, and an excellent pick for first-timers.




Can I use the DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner for in-ground pools?

The DOLPHIN E10 pool cleaner is explicitly designed for above-ground pools. It is also not a good climber, meaning it only cleans the surface, and you will have to manually clean steps, walls, and waterline. The cleaner is not a good option for in-ground pools.


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