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DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner Review


Inground pool owners consider the Dolphin pool cleaner as one of the best robotic pool cleaners available. It is pretty easy to maintain, incredibly durable, and has impressive cleaning performance. This robotic pool cleaner can easily clean up to 50 feet long in-ground swimming pools full of water up to the waterline.

So, if you have an in-ground pool and looking for a suitable robotic pool cleaner to keep your pool clean, make sure to have a look at the Dolphin pool cleaner.


Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pool Cleaner



Consider the solid specs of this robotic pool cleaner

Specs and Dimensions of Dolphin Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer Maytronics, US
Style Robotic, In-ground
Cable length 60 feet
Weight 36.4 lbs
Number of Motors 02
Voltage 115 Volts
Extended coverage 03 Years
Suction power 4.3
Remote Control 4.5
Cleaning 4.3
Maintenance 4.2



Overview: Dolphin Pool Cleaner


Dolphin pool cleaner is a multi-media robotic pool cleaner and a perfect purchase for keeping your in-ground pools clean. One of the reasons why I love these automatic pool cleaners is their various media settings. These settings allow you to target anything from grains of dirt as small as microns to dearly departed bugs to large leaves.

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner

While plenty of robotic pool cleaners are on the market, most lack features essential for cleaning in-ground pools of any length. Conversely, the Dolphin pool cleaner featuring excellent filtration and a long cable is a good option for in-ground pool owners.

In addition, the robotic pool cleaner is armed with intelligent tech features essential for cleaning in-ground pools of up to 50 feet in a hurry.

Moreover, while you will get what you pay for with most appliances, a Dolphin pool cleaner is not one of them. The pool cleaner doesn’t come with any additional accessories, which might be beneficial for you in the long run.

Product Highlights

·         60 feet Power Cord.

·         Multi-Media Filtration.

·         Twin 24V (180 watts) DC Motors.

·         Intelligent Navigation System for Optimized Pool Cleaning.

·         Smart Daily/ Weekly Cleaning Scheduler.

·         LED Indicator for Debris Bag.

·         Patented Swivel Anti-Tangling Cord.

·         Remote Control System (Available Separately).

·         First 3-Year Warranty.

·         Fast Cleaning

·         Energy-Efficient.



Let’s Look at the Features of Dolphin Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner

Unlike many other automatic pool cleaners, Dolphin pool cleaner is armed with various options for different filtration types. Even if you are out of town, you can use its settings to get our pool automatically cleaned. In addition, the intricate systems are also a brilliant addition that does not waste any time while cleaning.

Here are the top features that I liked the most about this robotic pool cleaner:


·         Powerful and Energy-Efficient DC Motors


Don’t let yourself get fooled by the word “energy-efficient.” The robotic pool cleaner is armed with two 3,000 RPM DC motors. Keep in mind that these motors are some of the most powerful engines of any Dolphin appliance.

While most automatic pool cleaners come with a pressure and suction technique (pressure cleaners), a Dolphin pool cleaner has twin motors known for their efficiency and cleaning more for less.

One of these DC motors powers the jet pump, while the other help propels the cleaner to move. Additionally, another thing that I liked the most about this robotic pool cleaner is the ratio between torque and inertia, which help eliminate stalling and moving your cleaner like a subaquatic Vin Diesel.

Moreover, another factor that catches my attention is that while an average pool pump needs about 1850W, it only consumes 180W of energy. So, the difference is evident in how efficient this robotic pool cleaner can be in the long run.


·         Nautical Navigation


You don’t have to worry about what the Dolphin pool cleaner is doing in the water. The cleaner won’t bounce from ball to ball like a ping pong ball, catching dirt and grime that rolls over. This is among the best robotic pool cleaners and comes equipped with a microprocessor that controls every twist and turn of the pool.

Additionally, the advanced algorithm helps your cleaner to calculate and pick the most efficient route from the moment you throw it in the water. Moreover, the cleaner will not miss any spots, not even the ones that are hard to spot.


·         High-Profile Traction


Many automatic pool cleaners have traction as sticky as duct tape, making it hard to stick to the surface when it gets wet. However, this isn’t the case with Dolphin pool cleaners. The robotic pool cleaner features HyperGrip Rubber Tracks that are explicitly designed to cling to slippery surfaces of pools.

Unlike wheel tracks, it comes armed with premium rubber tracks that help keep the robotic pool cleaner exactly where you want it to be. Keep in mind that a pool cleaner that easily slips and rolls all over the surface misses a lot of dirt and wastes a significant amount of energy.


·         Top-Tier Filtration System


You don’t want to get in the water if you cannot see through, especially in a pool with unfiltered water. Dolphin pool cleaner also features a pleated micro-filtration system that can filter up to 75 gallons of water per minute. Now, that’s amazing to stay hydrated.

Moreover, it also means that the water in your swimming pool should be more transparent and clear after just one run. The cleaner will make sure that you should see your submerged feet vividly. Additionally, the robotic pool cleaner also has plenty of filtration options that you can use to filter your pool water. These media filter options include:


  • Standard Filter


As the name suggests, it is the primary media filter that may end up becoming your favorite option. I often use this filter during standard, everyday pool cleaning.


  • Pleated-Micro Cartridge


The micro-cartridges are ultra-fine and smallest cartridges of Dolphin pool cleaner. These filters are perfect for cleaning your pool from microscopic particles that you cannot see and don’t even want to know that they are in your pool.


  • Leaf Bag


Obviously, the Dolphin pool cleaner leaf bag is for picking up leaves and other noticeable items that fall into your pool. The bag is spacious enough, and you will be surprised to see how much it can pick and hold.


  • Disposable Debris Bags


Since this robotic pool cleaner is a fine piece of tech, we also have disposable debris bags. Those who find it hard to clean the above filters may want to use disposable debris bags. They are easy to clean, and you need to toss them out after they get dirty.


·         Dual Scrubbing Brushes


Keep in mind that most of the dirt isn’t the one you see floating around in the water in your pool. The dirt on your pool’s walls and the surface is worst and hard to clean. This can be dirt, scale, slimy algae, and biofilm.

Also, remember that this type of dirt is hazardous and can encourage the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Moreover, it can also increase your swimming pool’s chemical demand.

Luckily, the Dolphin pool cleaner is armed with dual scrubbing brushes to tackle the dirt and dislodge the most stubborn grime on the pool lining. As one of the best robotic pool cleaners, Dolphin pool cleaner is an outstanding wall climber, helping scrub the pool walls and tile line.


·         Smart Control System


Do you want to clean your pool more often but don’t have time? Look no further than Dolphin pool cleaner. Whether you want to clean your pool daily or just a couple of times per week, its intelligent control system lets you use the auto-cleaning scheduler.

The easy-to-use intelligent control cleaning system enables you to program when you’d like it to clean, even when you are not at home. It features three different cleaning schedules: daily, every two, and every three days. Additionally, since this robotic pool cleaner is energy-efficient, you can schedule cleaning daily.


·         CleverClean Pool Scanning


One of my favorite features of Dolphin pool cleaner is its CleverClean pool scanning system. Cleaning your pool in a random pattern increases the chances of skipping dirty spots and wastes energy. However, this robotic pool cleaner comes with an intelligent cleaning system that analyzes the size and layout of your pool before cleaning.

The Dolphin pool cleaner is also more communicative. CleverClean system guides the cleaner on the most suitable cleaning path, reducing time and energy consumption.

Moreover, it also features an indicator light that lets you know when you need to empty the media. The feature also saves you the hassle of getting into the pool to check the filters.


·         Anti-Tangling Power Cord


Whether you want to plug in a vacuum or charge your phone, power cords are essential to operate these appliances. However, the problem with most power cords is that they can get tangled easily. Luckily, the Dolphin pool cleaner is armed with a 60 feet-long patented swivel cord that prevents tangling.

Moreover, it also helps you to move your robotic cleaner around your pool quickly. With a 360-degree rotation, you don’t have to worry about the power cord getting caught.


About the Brand: Maytronics


Maytronics is one of the leading brands known for providing the most innovative and bestselling robotic pool cleaners. They established Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners about 35 years ago, providing customers with an easy and fun pool cleaning experience to relax and enjoy their pool time.

The brand’s products are top-rated among pool owners and feature a carefree pool cleaning system that cannot be found in any other pool vacuum or cleaner. Moreover, their unmatched technological innovation and aesthetic pool cleaner designs make Maytronics one of the leading robotic pool cleaner brands worldwide.



The Good and the Bad of Dolphin Pool Cleaner


While Dolphin pool cleaner is one of the best automatic pool cleaners, there is still room for improvement. Here are a few pros and cons that I noticed:

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner

DOLPHIN Pool Cleaner


The Good


  • Easy Setup: Dolphin pool cleaner features a single plug button and a big handle to drop and go. Due to its straightforward operability, you should not have difficulty setting up the cleaner.


  • Fast Cleaning: Since it features dual scrubbing brushes and many other intelligent tech features, the robotic pool cleaner takes only a couple of hours to clean a pool of any size.


  • Noiseless: A pool should be a place where you can relax. However, using a standard pool cleaner or filtration system to clean your pool water can generate noise. Luckily, one of the best features of the Dolphin pool cleaner is that it is quiet yet so powerful.


  • Incredibly Durable: As one of the best automatic pool cleaners, the Dolphin pool cleaner’s body is made of high-quality plastic. It is strong and should last for years.


  • Smart Tech Features: Unlike other pool cleaners, the Dolphin pool cleaner is equipped with plenty of innovative tech features, including cleaning schedules, indicator lights, CleverClean System, and dual scrubbing brushes.


  • Additional Accessories: While some appliances with additional accessories may not seem a good purchase, the Dolphin pool cleaner with a caddy and a specialized motor can be beneficial in the long run. Although these accessories come at an additional cost, and the cleaner will work fine without them, a caddy and a specialized motor are great.


  • Warranty: Remember that Dolphin pool cleaner is a bit expensive, and having a warranty period is essential. This robotic pool cleaner comes with a first three years warranty, meaning you can replace the machine should it malfunction.

The Bad


  • Expensive: Cost is one of the most significant barriers preventing many pool owners from having a robotic pool cleaner. A Dolphin pool cleaner is not cheap. In fact, it’s considerably more than various above-ground pool cleaners. However, because of its intelligent tech features, I think the price is justifiable and lower than high-end pool cleaners from other brands. Also, a good robotic pool cleaner like the Dolphin will save you time and money over that of manual cleaning.


  • General Setup and Operation: One of the things that I don’t like about Dolphin pool cleaner is its instructional manual. While the product has a pretty straightforward setup, the instructional manual is basic. It doesn’t even explain the intelligent tech features. A lot of customers also complain that they are directed to watch YouTube videos to see how its features work.


  • It Doesn’t Come with A Caddy: As mentioned earlier, a Dolphin pool cleaner doesn’t come with a caddy. Moreover, a weight of 36.4 lbs. is heavy and becomes heavier when lifting it from the water. So, if you are buying it for a senior friend or family member, I strongly recommend you buy the Dolphin caddy too.


  • It Is Hard to Fit Leaf Bags: Many customers complained about the leaf bags. While getting the leaf bags out is easy, properly putting them back can be a real struggle.


  • Not Suitable for Narrow Pool Steps: A lot of customers also said that the robotic pool cleaner is too broad and cannot clean the narrow pool steps. So, if your pool has narrow pool steps, you might need manual brushing to clean them.

Final Verdict: Is Dolphin Pool Cleaner Worth It?


When it comes to the best robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin pool cleaner is one of the best options you will see on the market. Unless you enjoy the back-breaking labor of cleaning your pool or have a small up-ground swimming pool, there is no excuse for not purchasing the Dolphin pool cleaner.

In addition to fast cleaning and outstanding tech features, not only is it time and energy-efficient, but it also saves your hard-earned money on your electricity bill. All in all, for in-ground pool owners, the Dolphin pool cleaner is worth the purchase.



Is Dolphin Pool Cleaner Durable?

Dolphin pool cleaner is one of the most durable pool cleaners on the market. The body is made of high-quality plastic. You can expect your robotic cleaner to last at least 7-8 years.


Are Dolphin Pool Cleaners Expensive?

Yes! The cost of the Dolphin pool cleaner comes at a price. But seeing myriad innovative tech features, the price seems justifiable. We especially like the hours and dollars it saves over manual cleaning options.

Note: For above ground pools, Dolphin also makes the Dolphin E10. While this model does not work well for inground pools, those with above ground pools will appreciate it’s performance. You can read our review of the Dolphin E10 here.


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