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Still don’t know how to store lawn mowers? Well, let me tell you this — I stood in my yard, surveying the neatly trimmed grass thanks to my trusty lawn mower. I knew the changing seasons demanded a priority change. Winter was fast approaching, and it was high time to retire my faithful grass-taming companion until spring’s days returned. Properly storing a lawn mower is more than just tucking it away; it’s about ensuring it remains in excellent condition during winter slumber.

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I want to share some straightforward and practical lawn mower storage ideas in this guide. This article will guide you on how to store lawnmowers. Also, to ensure it’s ready to roar back to life when tackling those overgrown lawns in the future. So, let’s discuss these simple yet effective techniques that will keep your lawn mower in good condition.

Store Lawn Mowers


Storing my lawn mower has always been a real challenge. I rely on it to keep my lawn in shape, but finding the right place for it can be a headache. It’s too big for my garage, and I’ve often wondered if it’s okay to leave it outside. Or stash it in the shed? Under the deck? Or even inside the house?


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I’ve seen friends give up and hire landscapers, spending a small fortune. But I’ve been around long enough to pick up a few tricks, and technology has come to the rescue. So, let me share my experiences and the best ways to store my lawn mower without all the frustration.


Need to Consider in Storing Lawn Mowers


Storing my lawn mower can be quite a challenge. It depends on what kind of mower you have. I’ve got a big zero-turn mower, like a giant, with blades that can be as wide as five feet! So, it’s not easy to find a good outdoor spot, and most sheds won’t work. Even professional landscapers know they need indoor storage for these in the winter.  


store lawn mowers, storage shed  


Lawn tractors are similar, but you might squeeze one in if you have a roomy garage with some space between cars. Luckily, I’ve got a big yard and a spacious garage to fit my three-foot-wide mower.   Now, let’s talk about push mowers. These can be a puzzle, especially for smaller yards like mine. There aren’t many places to store them, so figuring out the right spot can be tricky.

Lawn Mower Storage Ideas


A lawn mower costs a lot, so keeping it safe is necessary. Storing it right can make it last longer and work well, whether it’s a push, riding, electric, or robot mower.


store lawn mowers, floor space


We’ve got ideas on how to store lawnmowers, including ones you can buy or make yourself. These will help you keep your mower safe and easy to get to. Here are some ideas on how to store lawnmowers.

Garden Shed


A little garden shed is a handy place to keep your push mower. It’s usually in your backyard and hides your mower from view. Even though it doesn’t have heating or cooling, these sheds are made to keep things dry, even when it rains.  


store lawn mowers, garden shed  


Plus, the shed door often has a lock to keep your mower safe from being taken by someone else. This makes it a good choice for storing your push mower and other gardening tools where they’re easy to get to and secure.

Garage Space


A garage is a perfect place to store lawnmowers, whether a small one you push or a big one you ride on. The cool thing about garages is that they’re built with unique stuff that keeps the temperature inside steady. This means your mower will be okay with rust from rain or being too hot in the sun.


garage space, store lawn mowers


The garage has another big plus: it’s a safe spot. You can lock the garage doors, which keeps your lawn mower and any other expensive tools you might have safe. This is handy because it ensures nobody can steal or mess with your stuff when you’re not around. So, your garage is like a cozy and secure home for your lawn mower.

Corner of the Garage


You can make the most of your garage using a corner or a tucked-away space to store lawnmowers. Sometimes, garages have slanted walls that need to be higher for shelves. Those spots are perfect for your mower because they keep it clean, dry, and out of the way, especially if you park your car in the garage, too.  


garage corner  


Putting your mower on the ground instead of on a shelf or hanging it on the wall is a bonus. You won’t have to do the heavy lifting and carrying of the mower whenever you want to use it. So, it’s a practical and convenient way to store your mower in your garage.

Outdoor Space or Pergola


When your lawn mower is in its busy season, like warmer months, consider parking it under a covered pergola for quick access. The pergola should have a roof or cover to shield the mower from the weather. If your pergola doesn’t have one, you can buy a unique waterproof cover to keep your mower dry.


pergola, booth, cabin, outdoor cushions, outdoor


Remember, if there’s a bad storm on the way or the temperature drops as the seasons change. Therefore, moving your mower to a fully covered spot is good. This way, you can ensure your mower stays in great shape and is ready to go whenever needed.

Backroom Ample Space


A backroom is a versatile space in your house that does many jobs. It’s usually at the back of your home, close to your yard. That’s great because it’s handy for storing smaller mowers, like fold-up ones or those fantastic robot mowers.  


backroom space,  


Keeping their chargers in the backroom is good if your mower runs on batteries. This way, you always have them ready when your mower needs power. Your backroom becomes like a command center for caring for your lawn, making things easy and organized.

Pegboard and Wall Hooks


A pegboard is like a handy tool holder on your wall to store your lawn mower and accessories. You can hang things like headphones, protective eyewear, and gloves on it. This way, everything you need is right there in one place when you’re ready to mow your lawn.


pegboard, wall hooks


If you add wall hooks to the pegboard, you can hang even more stuff on it. These hooks give you extra space to keep your accessories neat and easy to find. So, the pegboard helps you store your lawn mower and keeps your mowing gear organized, making it easier to take care of your lawn.

Tarpaulin with Waterproof Quality


When you need to store your mower outside, there’s a straightforward way to keep it safe. First, put some bricks or boards under it to lift it off the ground. This stops moisture from getting in and causing problems like rust.


tarpaulin, waterproof


Next, throw a strong tarp over your mower. Ensure it covers the whole thing snugly so rain and other weather can’t get to it. Use bungee cords or tough ropes to tie the tarp down tight. This way, it won’t fly away if it gets windy.


To be extra sure, put heavy bricks or rocks on the tarp’s corners. This keeps it in place and stops it from blowing away. With these steps, your mower will stay protected and ready to use when needed.

Wall-Mounted Storage Unit


Creating an organized and tidy garage space is easy with a wall-mounted storage rail. This simple addition can make changes in keeping your mower off the floor and out of the way.


wall-mounted storage

Start by mounting the storage rail on the wall of your garage at a suitable height. This allows you to hang your mower neatly above the ground, freeing up space below. Use sturdy S-hooks to hang the mower securely on the rail. If your mower comes with a cord, you can also use an extra hook to keep the cord neatly organized and out of the way. This reduces clutter and makes finding and accessing your mower easier when needed, ensuring your garage stays clean and well-organized.

Store on your Basement


A basement can be a good place to store your lawnmower because it usually has a strong floor that won’t get damaged. Plus, it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which keeps your mower safe from bad weather.  




But if your basement sometimes floods, keep your mower away from the wet area. You can even put it on something high to keep it dry. This way, your basement becomes a safe and comfortable place to store your lawnmower and won’t get ruined by water.

Potting Shed


A potting shed is a place for gardening and getting your hands dirty, so you don’t need to worry about a lawnmower making a mess there. You can keep all your gardening tools and stuff in this little shed.


potting shed


If you have a lawnmower, it’s a good plan to choose a corner near the entrance of the shed to keep it. That way, your mower has its spot in the shed and is easy to grab when you need it for gardening.

DIY Outdoor Storage


When dealing with a space crunch, garage, or shed with a peculiar shape, you can make the most of it by creating your DIY storage solution for your lawnmower.


DIY, outdoor storage


Designing and building your custom shelf allows you to make it right for your mower, regardless of size, shape, or weight. This approach is often a budget-friendly alternative to buying expensive, ready-made industrial shelving units. By crafting your storage solution, you optimize the available space and ensure that your lawnmower fits perfectly and stays safely stored until the next time you need it for yard work.

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Importance of Knowing How to Store Lawn Mowers


Storing my lawn mower properly is something I take seriously for a few good reasons. First, it helps my mower last much longer because it shields it from rust and other damage in bad weather. Plus, it keeps everyone in my family safe, especially the kids, by keeping those sharp mower parts out of their reach.


Having a well-organized place to store my mower also means I can quickly grab it when needed, saving me time and hassle. It stops any chance of someone stealing it and ensures my mower works well every time I use it. Plus, in my neighborhood, there are rules about hiding outdoor stuff when it’s not in use, so proper storage helps me follow them.


And I can always remember how it makes my yard look cleaner and more excellent. So, making sure my mower has the right resting spot is a smart move.

Store Lawn Mowers Now!


In conclusion, taking good care of your lawn mower by storing it correctly is a smart move. Whether you pick a shed, garage, or DIY solution, the goal is to protect your mower, make it last longer, and keep everyone safe. Following these storage ideas keeps your mower in good shape and makes your yard look better and safer. So, store your mower right, and it’ll be ready to help you for a long time.



How should I store my lawn mower for the winter?

Clean it, remove fuel, and put it in a dry place like a garage or shed.

How do I stop rust on my mower in a shed or garage?

Keep the storage area dry and ventilated. Consider using a dehumidifier.

Why use a waterproof cover for storage?

It shields your mower from moisture, dust, and damage.

Can I store my mower upright to save space?

It’s not recommended; store it horizontally on a level surface.

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