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The world of modern technology continues to grow in many areas. And the rise of robotic lawnmowers is not an exception!

Having a backyard with grass lets you enjoy nature indoors. Yet, mowing your lawn can be a time-consuming task. Luckily, there are now robotic lawnmowers that make grass-cutting a breeze. The only concern about a robotic lawn mower is safety.

You might ask how a robotic lawn mower with spinning blades underneath can be safe.


Safety Features of Robotic Lawn Mower / Flickr / UGA CAES/Extension

Safety Features of Robotic Lawn Mower / Flickr / UGA CAES/Extension


Well, robot lawnmowers are very safe. What sets them apart from conventional ones is their cutting and safety mechanisms. It keeps a robotic lawn mover from causing harm to you or your dear ones and ensures child safety.

In this post, we will discuss how this technology works and the safety features of robot lawnmowers. In addition, we will also compare the safety between conventional and robotic lawnmowers. By the end of this post, you can decide whether getting a robotic mower benefits you.

So, let’s get started!

What is A Robot Lawn Mower?

Robotic mowers are like your robotic vacuum cleaners. They would do all the grass-cutting without having you push or operate them. A robotic mower cuts the grass into fine clippings but does not gather them. Instead, it scatters them to decompose so the soil can retain the nutrients.


Husqvarna CEORA professional robotic lawn mower/ Flickr/ Ann-Sophie Qvarnström

Husqvarna CEORA professional robotic lawn mower/ Flickr/ Ann-Sophie Qvarnström

A robot lawn mower has an electric mower that operates on rechargeable batteries. Unlike conventional gas-powered mowers, robot mowers are compact. These lawnmowers use a lithium-ion battery and a charging station for power.

High-end lawnmowers have plenty of intelligent features. For example, you can set them on a schedule. This would allow them to leave their charging station without any prompt and start mowing. They return to their charging station when they are done or must be recharged. This type of robot lawn mower can do the grass-cutting for you even if you are not around.


In contrast, a low-end robot lawn mower lacks the self-charging feature. It means you must carry it to its charging station and put it on charge. In addition, you will also need to press the start button to let them start mowing.

Are Robotic Mowers Safe?


All the convenience aside, safety is the biggest concern of a robot mower. If you have kids or pets, you may worry about your robot lawn mower possibly causing injuries with its cutting blades. However, you don’t have to worry about robot mowers as they are safer than conventional lawnmowers.


Robotic mower and the cat / Flickr / Thriol

Robotic mower and the cat / Flickr / Thriol


These robot grass-cutting systems have safety features that eliminate the risk of injuries. They are built to let you enjoy convenience and peace of mind.


Built-in Safety Features of Robot Lawn Mowers


Safety Features of Robotic Lawn Mowers / Flickr / MIKI Yoshihito

Safety Features of Robotic Lawn Mowers / Flickr / MIKI Yoshihito

A robot lawn mower has a bunch of safety features:


Collision Sensors


One of the features that make robot lawnmowers safe is they have collision sensors. These sensors are designed to move around obstacles and not over them. Most robot lawnmowers have a detection collision sensor that helps them to navigate safely.

Moreover, these sensors prompt your mower to stop and move away if there is an obstacle. It can detect walls, flower beds, bushes, trees, and even kids.

Safe Cutting Blades Placement

Unlike a conventional lawn mower, every component of a robot mower is designed with safety in mind. For example, razor blades underneath your mower are tucked well under your mower’s body. This makes them even safer and prevents injuries.

So, even if you or your child accidentally put your foot under the mower, it won’t cause any injury. The small blades underneath are at the center, meaning if something gets under the mower, it won’t be able to reach the edges.

In addition, unlike traditional mowers, robotic mowers are built close to the ground and have low clearance. , making them even safer. It reduces the risk of slipping a foot under it.

Lift Sensors and Tilt Sensors

A robotic mower’s lift and tilt sensor is one of the most significant features. Besides being safe, your machine also has anti-theft features.

Modern robot mowers have shut-off sensors for emergency stops. They instantly shut the blades when the mower is tilted or lifted. Some models have sensors that automatically shut the stationary blades when a foreign object passes under the edge.

Moreover, device locks, lift alarms, and GPS keep your machine safe from being stolen. Most robot lawnmowers have loud lift alarms. You can also set up PIN codes to lock and unlock your mower. As soon as the wheels leave the ground, the emergency stop activates. You can only get it running again by entering your PIN code.

Furthermore, it also means that if someone steals your machine, they cannot use it without entering the PIN code.

Rain Sensors

Although robotic mowers are rain-resistant, some folks prefer not to mow wet grass. That’s where rain sensors in your robotic mower come into play. Since a robot mower can automatically start cutting, it will return to its charging station when it detects excess moisture. These sensors protect your grass and prevent your mower from getting stuck in a puddle.

Perimeter Wire

The latest robotic lawnmowers operate within the confines of a perimeter wire. You lay out the perimeter wire before your mower can start mowing. Your machine then uses the wire to detect where the edge of your lawn is and stops it from exiting from the confines of the grass.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your mower bumping into items on your patio or driveway.

Efficient Cutting System

The cutting system of robotic mowers is very different from conventional mowers. For example, robot mowers cut the grass using one of two techniques.

Bosch and Husqvarna models have a spinning dish with blades. These spinning blades are similar to razor blades. They are mounted to the disc, allowing them to rotate freely on the mounting. It is the most efficient way of mowing your lawn without burning much power.

On the other hand, mowers from brands like Robomow have larger, rigid blades. While solitary in smaller models, larger models have them in pairs. Although these robot mowers have a wider cutting diameter, they also use more power. In addition, this mowing technique usually produces more noise.

Benefits of Using a Robotic Lawn Mower


Mowing my Lawn / Flickr / Bob Fromant

Mowing my Lawn / Flickr / Bob Fromant



Do you want to switch to a robotic lawn mower? Is it a safe bet? Here are the benefits of using a robotic lawn mower:

Robotic Lawn Mowers are Flexible

A robot lawn mower offers exceptional flexibility. For example, you can program it so it runs only at certain times of the day. In addition, you can also customize its mowing settings, like cutting frequency and height. In other words, you will have complete control over your yard’s appearance and mowing schedule.


Reliable and Smart Safety Features

For me, a conventional mower is a hazardous machine. It uses flammable fuel and can get hot during mowing. Besides, it has blades that rotate over 3000rpm. Serious accidents can occur as they lack security features.

In contrast, a robotic mower has many safety features. These features prevent your machine from entering pets, people, and obstacles. In addition, they also have sensors that help your device to navigate and mow with accuracy.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of robotic lawnmowers is that they are low maintenance. For example, unlike a traditional mower, you don’t have to change their oil or replace a sparking plug. However, they need a little charging to make your lawn beautiful and well-maintained.


A robotic mower runs on battery power instead of gasoline. It means it doesn’t produce a carbon footprint. That is why robotic lawnmowers are environment-friendly gardening equipment. Gas mowers damage the environment and produce emissions even if you use them for one hour.

Easy and Convenient

Convenience is the most significant benefit of a robotic mower. You don’t have to worry about pushing or riding your mower around your lawn. With a robot mower, you sit back, relax, and watch your mower do all the hard work for you.

Compact and Space-Efficient

Unlike conventional lawnmowers, robot mowers are compact. They don’t have a riding handle and need only a tiny charging station. Most robot lawnmowers occupy a few cubic feet of space to charge. It means they leave you with plenty of space that you can use for other items.

Robotic Lawn Mowers vs. Traditional Lawn Mowers

Conventional lawnmowers are the most common ones. They have been around far longer than robotic ones, but it doesn’t mean they are better. Nowadays, they are facing extreme competition with modern robot lawnmowers.  
This beauty keeps my lawn well-maintained / Flickr / Bob Fromant

This beauty keeps my lawn well-maintained / Flickr / Bob Fromant

  Both options have their advantages. Yet, robot mowers are becoming more popular. That is because they save time, reduce the work you have to do, automate tasks, and reduce manual labor.   Here is a comparison between traditional and robot lawnmowers:  
Conventional vs. Robotic Lawn Mower

Conventional vs. Robotic Lawn Mower

So, who is the real winner here? The obvious answer is robotic mowers are far better than conventional ones. They automate the mowing process by doing all the hard work for you, stopping only when they need to charge. These mowers work smarter, not harder, leaving you with a pristine lawn.
Moreover, a robot mower uses batteries for power. It means they reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, they are also quieter than traditional ones, which lessens the noise pollution.

Video Credit: @the5best486



Some folks love to mow their lawn, while others hate it. If you value your time and want to cut the manual labor, a robotic mower should be your go-to option. They are easy and safer than traditional mowers. Besides, they also have many safety features, ensuring pet and child safety.


Can robot mowers detect obstacles?

Robot mowers have lift and tilt sensors. These include visuals, proximity, humidity, and LiDAR sensors to detect obstacles. They can define your lawn edges and other lawn features. Some mowers also have ultrasonic and mechanical bump sensors to detect objects.

Are there any cons to robotic mowers?

As with anything else, robot mowers also have some cons. For example, they are more expensive than traditional ones. Moreover, not every robot mower is suitable for all lawn types. In addition, they also need regular maintenance and repairs.

Are Robotic lawnmowers durable?

Robotic mowers are not only safe but durable, too. Depending on the model and maintenance, they can last for ten years or more. Mowers from popular brands like Husqvarna are the best and can last decades with good care. Some first-generation models from 20 years ago are still running today.