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Hello to all my wonderful readers! Today, I have something special to share with you. I’ve been trying out the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set. Let me tell you; it’s more than your typical patio set. This outdoor furniture set patio has transformed my outdoor space into a cozy haven.  


Enhance Your  Alfresco Lifestyle with the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set


Now, if you’re like me and love to spend time outdoors, you’re going to appreciate what this furniture set has to offer. I was excited to discover that it’s not just a few chairs and a table. It’s a complete 13-piece set designed to brighten up my patio. And it absolutely does!   Beyond offering a comfy place to sit, this set brings a whole new level of coziness. I can imagine inviting my friends over on a cool evening. We’ll be sharing laughter around the warm glow of the included gas fire pit table. It’s not just about the furniture; it’s about the memories we’ll create there.  


What stands out to me about the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is its CSA-approved fire pit table set. It delivers a wonderful warmth. This will turn those chilly nights into a charming campfire atmosphere. It’s like having my personal campsite. But it’s in the comfort of my home and without the inconvenience of bugs or harsh weather conditions.   I have to say; this set is also a feast for the eyes. It pairs modern design with practical functionality, fitting with any outdoor decor. So stick with me as I delve deeper into the features of this fantastic outdoor furniture set.  



Brand: ASJMR

Colors: Brown, Cream, Dark Blue, Deep Black, Grey, Red, Teal

Number of Pieces: 13-Piece

Seating Capacity: 10 People

Set Includes: Fire Pit Table Included; Patio Sofa Set Included; Cushions Included

Frame Primary Finish: Brown


Middle Sofa: W33.3″X D28.3″X H29.5″

Arm Sofa: SW25.4″X D28.3″X H29.5″

Coffee Table: W26″X D26″X H14.4″

Fire Pit Table: 43.3″W x 27.6″D x 24.2″H

Metal Lid: 29.1″ W x 9.1″D

Wind Glass Guard: 31.1″W x 11″D x 4″H

Package Inclusions:

Middle Sofa x 6

Big Arm Sofa x 4

Coffee Table x 2

Main Frame of Fire Table x 1

Stainless Burner x 1

Glass Stone x 1

Metal Lid x 1

Wind Glass Guard x 1

Waterproof Cover x 1

Assembly Tool Kit x 1

Instruction x 1  

An Overview of the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set



After spending some time with the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set, I’m excited to dive into it with you. This outdoor furniture set patio, as I’ve mentioned earlier, is far from ordinary. It comes with an incredible variety of features that make it more than just a place to sit.


The set comprises ten seats, a gas fire pit table, and two coffee tables. That’s more than enough for a small gathering or a large family hangout! What I love about this is that it takes into consideration our need for space and comfort. It offers roomy seating that invites relaxation.   Now, let’s talk about the centerpiece, the CSA-approved gas fire pit. The assurance of CSA approval speaks volumes about the safety and quality of this product. The fire pit and its control panel are built from high-quality stainless steel. This assures longevity.


The design of this set is something I can’t overlook. It features a rust-resistant steel frame coupled with hand-woven PE rattan. This brings durability and style together. The high-density cushions and soft back pillows are the icing on the cake. This provides a plush, comfortable seating experience.


One of the features that I found helpful is the ease of assembly. The outdoor furniture set patio comes with all the necessary tools and a set of instructions. This made putting it together a breeze!   Lastly, the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set comes with an impressive after-sales service. It lasts for 12 months. So, if there are any issues with the product, the customer service team will address them promptly.


Top Features of the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set


Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the features that set the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set apart.

Multi-Functional Design


The highlight of this outdoor furniture set is its multi-functionality. It’s not just about sitting and chatting. But it’s about gathering and creating memories around a cozy, warm fire pit. The set provides ample space for ten people. This makes it perfect for family get-togethers or a fun evening with friends.

CSA-Approved Fire Pit

Safety is paramount when it comes to open fires, and this set doesn’t compromise on that front. The fire pit is CSA-approved, which means it meets high safety standards. It’s made from robust stainless steel. This ensures a long-lasting life span and reliable performance. Do note that you’ll need to supply the propane tank.

High-Quality Construction

The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is built with durability in mind. It boasts a rust-resistant steel frame and tight hand-woven PE rattan. This makes it resistant to weather changes. Plus, the high-density cushions and soft back pillows guarantee ultimate comfort.

Easy Assembly & Flexible Combination

Suppose the idea of assembling furniture makes you nervous, worry not! This outdoor furniture set patio comes with all necessary hardware and clear instructions. The best part? You can rearrange the pieces into various shapes to suit your preferences. This makes it a versatile addition to your outdoor space.

Prompt Delivery & Stellar Customer Support

No one likes to wait, and this company understands that. They ensure express delivery from US warehouses. And they provide top-notch customer support for a whole year after your purchase. So if any parts are missing or if you encounter any issues, their team is ready and willing to help!

Getting to Know ASJMR: The Brand Behind Your Comfort



When it comes to inventing the perfect outdoor sanctuary, one name stands tall – ASJMR. You may ask, why ASJMR? Well, let’s dive right in.

ASJMR is known for its top-notch quality outdoor furniture set patio designs. They’re dedicated to transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary relaxation zones. It enhances the quality of life for their customers. Let’s have the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set as a shining example. They combine aesthetics, functionality, and safety all into one package.


This brand is not just about selling furniture. They’re about providing an experience, a lifestyle. They understand that an outdoor space isn’t just an area. It’s an extension of your home, a place where you create memories and strengthen your bonds. So, ASJMR ensures that every piece they design contributes to these moments.


Their commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end at purchase. They provide customer support that’s as enduring as the quality of their furniture. If you encounter any hiccups, the dedicated team at ASJMR is ready to help.


ASJMR also puts a high premium on safety. This is evident in the CSA certification of their bonfire set. It emphasizes the brand’s assurance that its products are safe and comfortable.


Choosing the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is choosing the ideal blend of style, comfort, and safety. It’s a signature promise from a brand that’s all about enhancing your experience.


That’s ASJMR – a brand that indeed cares about you, your comfort, and your safety.


Pros and Cons of the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set


Let’s dive into some of the specifics of this outdoor furniture set patio. With any product, there are always strengths and weaknesses. And the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is no exception. We’ll give you a balanced view of both its shining aspects and areas where it may fall short.




  • Multi-Functional Design


One of the big advantages of the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is its multi-functionality. This set isn’t just about seating; it’s about creating an outdoor living space. The CSA-approved fire pit table and two coffee tables are perfect for gathering. Also, it’s for dining or simply relaxing.

  • Quality and Safety


Another significant plus point is the CSA-approved bonfire set. This stamp of approval indicates that the product meets certain safety standards. The fire pit burner and control panel are made of high-quality stainless steel. This ensures durability and longevity.

  • Sturdy and Attractive


The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set’s design aesthetics are nothing short of impressive. The steel frame is rust-resistant. It ensures that the furniture remains in excellent condition despite outdoor conditions. Additionally, the PE rattan weaving adds a rustic charm to the furniture. This makes it a stylish addition to any patio or garden.

  • Easy Assembly and Versatile Arrangement


This outdoor furniture set patio is a breeze to put together. This is thanks to the included hardware and tools. The ability to use each part of this set separately or in various combinations adds to its versatility. It lets you personalize your outdoor space to your liking.

  • Excellent Customer Service


Fast delivery, a 12-month after-sales service, and a customer service team are part of it. This reassurance can make all the difference when investing in such a furniture set.  




  • Propane Tank Not Included


The fire pit table is a unique feature. But it’s worth noting that the set does not include the required propane tank. This additional purchase can be a minor inconvenience and an added cost.

  • Cushion Durability


The high-density rebound cushions are comfortable and inviting. But they might need to stand up better to harsh weather conditions. Extra care during bad weather may be necessary to maintain their shape. These can be protective covers or indoor storage.


  • Size


The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is a sizeable collection. It requires ample outdoor space. This set might feel a bit overwhelming if you have a tight patio or balcony.

  • Requires Assembly


The assembly process is generally straightforward. But it could still pose a challenge for some. Some might find the assembly to be time-consuming or difficult.  


The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set has plenty of appealing features. This makes it a perfect choice for enhancing your outdoor living space. However, like any product, it also has a few minor drawbacks to consider. The right choice always depends on your specific needs, space, and preferences.  


Final Thoughts on the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set



To wrap it up, the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is a great pick. It’s solidly built and has a charming design. When it comes to outdoor furniture set patio options, it’s right up there with the best.


One of the best things about this set is that it does more than just offer a place to sit. It’s built for relaxing, chatting, and enjoying the great outdoors. The fire pit table is also a big plus. It’s safe, as it’s been approved by CSA. And it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for cooler evenings.


Sure, you might need to buy a propane tank. And you’ll need to look after the cushions to keep them from getting damaged by the weather. But these are small things compared to all the benefits you get. The size of the set might be a bit much for smaller spaces. But if you’ve got room for it, it can change your outdoor area.


The company’s focus on customer service is another plus. They’re ready to help if you need it while you’re putting your set together or after you’ve started using it. It might take a little effort to assemble. But it’s worth it when you see the final product: a stylish, high-quality outdoor furniture set.


The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set strikes a balance between looks, usefulness, and comfort. It’s a fantastic addition to any patio or backyard. If you look after it, you can expect this set to be the star of your outdoor get-togethers for a long time. In our book, this outdoor furniture set patio is a winner!


Can I assemble the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set myself?

Absolutely! It comes with all the necessary tools and clear instructions for assembly. Even if you’re not a DIY whiz, you’ll be able to put this outdoor furniture set patio together without too much trouble.

Do I need to buy a separate propane tank for the fire pit table?

Yes, you do. You can use the fire pit table with a propane tank, but the tank isn’t included in the set. So you’ll need to buy this separately.

Can I rearrange the furniture to suit my patio layout?

Definitely, you can use the furniture pieces separately or together. So you can arrange them in the way that best suits your outdoor space.

How should I care for the cushions to ensure they last?

To make sure the cushions stay in great condition, we recommend storing them in a dry, sheltered place. It’s also a good idea to clean them regularly. And you should follow the care instructions provided.

What should I do if I find a part missing or damaged?

Don’t worry; the ASJMR team has got you covered. If you find any part missing or damaged on delivery, get in touch with their customer service. They’re committed to ensuring a hassle-free experience for their customers. And they will help resolve any issues.

Is the ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set suitable for all weather conditions?

The ASJMR Outdoor Patio Furniture Set is built from sturdy, rust-resistant materials. This makes it quite durable. But, to prolong its lifespan, protecting it from extreme weather conditions is best. These can be heavy rain, snow, or intense sunlight.

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